The air in Dhaka is very polluted. AC gets dirty very quickly, so Air conditioners need regular servicing. Air conditioners play an important role in Dhaka residents.  Thousands of customers are taking service from master clean every year for the best ac servicing in Dhaka. We are experts to trust for smart, comfortable ac solutions. We provide hassle-free ac repair servicing in Dhaka. We have Expert technicians, tools and experience to deliver exceptional ac servicing. You can give us an opportunity for ac servicing in Dhaka.

Our Master Clean Expert are:

•        Passed drug tests and background checks

•        Experienced and fully trained experts

•        Comprehensive customer care

•        Good deeds for free

•        Trains annually under a master technician

•        Is courteous, helpful and professional

•        Reach on time

No one wants their air conditioner to fail during the hot season or for condensation to flood their homes.

Our goal is to make your life more comfortable through superior AC servicing in Dhaka. Our appointment process is totally painless so we ensure your complete satisfaction.

What do specialists recommend for preventing ac repair, the best way to prevent AC repairs in Dhaka is AC service two times a year. you can eliminate 90 percent of all expensive repairs and damages. We deliver incredible AC Servicing in dhaka.

Air conditioners eliminates Bacteria germs Dust and lots of bad things from your room. AC gives us clean fresh and cool air. But when we use air conditioner for a long time and forget to clean it then ac starts to give us Bacterial germs dusty air.

so, we should Master clean our air conditioner at least once a year.

You likely need AC Servicing if you experience:

•        High energy bills

•        Low indoor air quality

•        Reduced home comfort

•        Unreliable cooling

•        Loud noises during operation

•        Foul odors from the vents

•        Loss of control or access

•        General dissatisfaction

Especially with air conditioning, evaporator coils or clogged condensate lines are highly probable causes of low indoor air quality.

Free Checking Service

We Offer Checking service with ac servicing Dhaka. Once the major issues are taken care of. Master Clean technicians will inspect the overall air conditioner unit. We check critical components such as the thermostat, compressor, evaporator unit, condenser, and fan motor for issues. Our routine inspections ensure that your air conditioner is running smoothly, as well as prevents future break downs. ultimately It saves a lot of time and money. it Will keep you hassle-free.

Every Year Air Conditioner loses about 6% of its efficiency. The best defense you have as a homeowner is to maintain & Clean your system Regularly. An annual check-up & ac servicing for extend air conditioner life. It’s one of the money-saving practices

Do you face any problem with your air conditioner? Want to know more about your Air conditioner? Master Clean experts are here and ready to safely serve you. We proudly serve the whole Dhaka city special at Mirpur, Uttara, Bashundhara, Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Wari Etc. Call our friendly representatives or Click here to request an appointment online.

Before calling Master Clean for ac servicing, take the initiative and replace the air filter. If you are experiencing low indoor air quality can be due to a dirty air filter. Dirty air filters are not technically AC repairs in Dhaka and can be done at home without a specialist.

Our ac servicing appointment process is painless and hassle-free so you save as much time and money as possible.

Master Clean aims for above and beyond. We care for your home and your air conditioner as though they were our own. Just take a single ac servicing definitely you will be satisfied.