When you need air conditioner service in Dhaka, look no further. Master Clean is online ac service company in Dhaka Bangladesh. We have experienced online AC service team, if you own air conditioner, you may agree it is one of your most expensive appliances. We elevate your home with high-quality solutions.

Extreme air pollution is a threat to our health in Dhaka, so Air conditioner helps to increase air quality. We should Master Clean air conditioner twice a year. air conditioner service keeps air conditioner in tip-top shape and prevents downtime.

You always count us for:

•        Experienced and friendly technicians

•        Helpful call center representatives

•        Genuine parts and tools

•        High-quality services and programs

•        Reach on time

•        Hassle-free service

•        Your total satisfaction

As the favorite among Dhaka City homeowners-, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Our Online AC service feature

Here, we prioritize your home comfort and take care of your air conditioner. Through superior technical online ac service and genuine customer care, we make online AC service in Dhaka simple and effective.

•        Visually inspects the entire unit

•        Monitors performance for hiccups or abnormalities

•        Thoroughly cleans the unit, inside and out

•        Removes buildup and obstruction

•        Clean the air filter

•        Clean the condensate line

•        Clean the burner assembly

•        Calibrates the thermostat

•        Checks for refrigerant leaks, gas leaks and water leaks

•        Adjusts all motors, attachments, wires and covers

•        Inspects the air ducts

•        Inspects for weaknesses, areas of wear, needed repairs and damages

Master Clean technician delivers holistic care to your Air conditioner. With maintenance, you never need to worry about your air conditioner because Master clean expert does all the work for you. Schedule it twice a year to keep your home comfort, and equipment totally protected against AC repairs in Dhaka.

How to order online ac service?

Be prompt and call master clean for AC service. Waiting too long to call for ac service allows damages and makes it complicated. Sometimes need repair. In order to handle the situation and minimize costs. Call our friendly representatives or Click here to request an appointment online ac service.

AC Checking Service

Master Clean offer Checking service with Master Clean AC service. We can find out any problem in your air conditioner if it has. It reduces the chance to service your air conditioning system without the urgency of AC. This allows fully explore your unit, giving it all the additional care, it needs to work well and stay healthy. It’s like a check-up for your air conditioner indoor and outdoor. By giving your unit this time with a specialist, all of its little quirks and individual issues are cleared up so it is always prepared to perform at its best.

Air conditioners eliminate Bacteria germs Dust and lots of bad things from your room.

What kinds of particles are these? They are common to most homes and include:

•        Textile fibers

•        VOCs from fragrances and cleaning agents

•        Animal and human dander

•        Dust and dust mites

•        Insects

•        Fecal matter

•        Organic yard waste

•        Tobacco and cooking smoke

•        Carbon monoxide

•        Lead

•        Radon

•        Formaldehyde

•        Bacteria

•        Microbiological growth

During every cycle of air conditioner, indoor air passes through the unit. air filter absorbed up to half of these particles and germs. The other half enters the furnace and air conditioner, sticking to sensitive parts and deep places. This type of buildup can break equipment.

In order to prevent buildup that causes AC repairs in Dhaka, take control over your home. Eliminate sources of pollution. Seal the home against air leaks, which allow cleaning.

Select Master Clean for online AC service

Your AC service in Dhaka matters. The quality of your service determines the health of your home, safety, air conditioner, system longevity and peace of mind. That’s why you should always choose the best technicians for your AC service in Dhaka.