Air conditioners make our life more comfortable and relaxed. So, Every year AC sales are growing at a significant rate. However, a large part of consumers is worried about electricity bills. Many people do not want to turn on AC for higher electricity bills. On the other hand, keeping AC running all time is also bad for the environment. In summer, most of the electricity consumption of the house goes behind air conditioner. However, you can reduce this extra power consumption of AC if you want. How? Let’s find out

Keep the temperature under control

Air conditioner temperature must be kept between 24 to 26 degrees. lower the temperature of the AC, the higher the electricity bill. This can lead to load shedding. Keep the temperature right when you go to sleep.


Turn it off if not needed

Do not turn on the AC all time. Use Air Conditioner when heat seems unbearable. Turn off the AC when you leave the room. When going out, make sure that AC in the room is turned off.

Keep the AC clean

Keep AC clean regularly. Clean AC filter at least once a month. Take Master Clean service twice a year for better results.


Use the fan

Use an exhaust fan in the kitchen so that the heat does not spread throughout the room. without lowering it too much keep AC temperature at 24 to 26 degrees and Turn on a fan. This will cool the room quickly.

Keep the door of the house closed

When you run AC, make sure your room doors and windows are closed. thus room cools quickly. And power consumption tends to be lower.

See if the windows and doors are well closed

Many homes have holes or gaps between windows, doors, and walls. That’s why room cannot be cold easily. Close these gaps. This allows AC to cool room faster.




Use the screen during the day

Turn off heat sources during daytime. If heavy white curtains are drawn in front of windows and doors, the sun cannot heat the room. Using a screen can reduce the temperature inside the room by 40 to 50 percent. Using a white screen, 60% of the sun’s heat cannot enter the room. As a result, there is no need to run AC in many cases.

Use the timer

When room gets too cold, it is harmful to our health. So, use a timer or set sleep mood at night so that it shuts off automatically when the room gets cold. And automatically Turns on again when room gets hotter. It saves electricity. 

Place the outdoor unit in the right place

Placing the AC outdoor unit in the open and the shade simultaneously increases the electricity bill and the stability of the AC. Many people are not aware of this and leave this part in the sun outside.

Consider when buying AC

having to repair the old one, again and again, better is Buy a new Air Conditioner. New AC can save about 50% more electricity than older ones.
Inverter or double inverter AC is also more energy-efficient than other AC. Buy AC of the required capacity considering the size of the room. Reduce the area covered by using false ceilings.


Use portable AC

Portable AC can be used to keep a room in the house cool. Modern portable AC comes with much lower power consumption. 

At night, you can turn off the AC and open the doors and windows. This will allow cold air to circulate in the room. This will remove the stench in the room. When using central AC, keep rooms that do not need cooling out of reach.

In this way, if AC is run regularly, the electricity bill will be within reach.


In our country, the maintenance of AC is very neglected. But keep in mind, air conditioner is not like any other appliance in the house. We can successfully prevent 90 percent of all AC repairs with AC cleaning service twice a year. 

Master Clean Technicians are trained, experts and professional. we verify Technician’s background and police checked. Your safety is our top priority.